Make It Possible Fund

The Make It Possible fund (MIP) is an initiative of Performing Arts Forum (PAF) designed to support people who are interested in working at PAF. In the spirit of redistribution and in an intentional, gradual movement toward equity, the fund gives explicit priority to those who are part of communities that have been historically discriminated against, oppressed, exploited, and/or excluded for colonial and neocolonial reasons. Coming to PAF with the support of the MIP means being part, by your presence and practice, of PAF’s transformation. Find the MIP’s mandate here.

Who is the MIP?

The fund is run under the umbrella of PAF, but operates independently from PAF on a financial and administrative level. The MIP is coordinated by a small group of volunteers, which rotates every year. This group of allocators is responsible for giving a yearly account summary, showing how the money has been redistributed.

The names of those who receive support from the MIP remain anonymous.


All contributions to the MIP are made in 25 euro units, or the cost of a day at PAF including collective cooking costs and use of the PAF car, as well as the possibility of travel.

How to Support the MIP

Individuals and institutions are invited to donate to the MIP by making a one-time or recurring donation in a unit of days: 25€ supports one day, 175€ supports one week (7 days), and 700€ supports one month.

MIP is also open to partnerships, sponsorships, and incidental diversions of money. If you have an idea for a collaboration with the MIP, we would be happy to hear from you at

Please click the button below to make a one-time or recurring donation.

How to Benefit from the MIP

To receive MIP support, send an email introducing yourself to, allowing at least two months’ notice before your intended visit. Kindly detail the support you would need to come work at PAF and the intended length of your stay. A rotating group of volunteers coordinating the fund will answer requests, allocating funds according to availability and capacities. Be reassured that we will respond to all inquiries in due time.

Nights available as of March 2022: 50
Nights funded as of March 2022: —


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